New album Trinity – Under the Surface

In March 2019, this unique three-piece band are due to release their latest and fully improvised live album. Trinity will transport you to a hidden world of tenderness, ire, refuge, bliss, solitude, tranquility and sorrow.

Joost Lijbaart, Bram Stadhouders and Sanne Rambags use improvisation to seek out and explore space and silence. They have shared their unique musical language with audiences in all the corners of the earth, from Mali to Mexico, Norway to India and from Bolivia to Lebanon.

Trinity is all about daring to be yourself, finding your own strength, and using this to communicate with others. With their new album, Under the Surface invite you to engage in a dialogue with yourself.

Trinity will take you to the limits of your soul.

Based in the Netherlands, Under the Surface are drummer Joost Lijbaart (1967), guitarist Bram Stadhouders (1987) and vocalist Sanne Rambags (1994). Their first album, ‘Under the Surface’, was released in March 2017 on Challenge Records, and was nominated for an Edison Award in 2018. On Under the Surface, the jury wrote:

‘In a time in which more and more musical walls are being broken down, this three-piece outfit under the direction of Lijbaart have presented a CD in a genre that is quite hard to nail down: perhaps because the theme is the “music behind the silence”, the listener is carried away to a sometimes dream-like new reality.’